galcid will play at

SEE U on the 11th of May IN THE VR ???
Cyberspeak x Algo:ritmi at The Circle Virtual Club / 11 May 2020

To enter the room follow the link:

Use Google Chrome or Firefox Safari for better performances
You can customize your name and your avatar once you enter inside the menu on the left.

The avatars of people attending the UXR events are either anonymous (robots) or follow a strict dress code based on the CVdazzle research in an effort to stress the importance of cyber camouflage via aesthetics against dystopian surveillance measures happening in the real world ?

20.30-21.15 I700n
21.15-22.00 Lucretio
22.00-22.45 Renick Bell
22.45-23.30 galcid
23.30-24.15 Somatic Responses
24.15-1.00 Grienkho