release “galcid ambient works” casssette tape

on the 11th of December 2019, galcid released “galcid ambient works” from Detroit Underground with cassette tape!!

You can also get tracks from here:

ambient works (アンビエントワークス)……/galcids-ambient-works-…/1490779064

It was a hot summer and I wanted the cool chill music.
Also I love ambient tracks, too.
1. retro grade
2. mirror
3. investigator
4. border
Track list:
1. レトログレード
2. ミラー
3. インベスティゲーター
4. ボーダー

All music is by galcid
produced by @hisashi_saito_insta –
The Cover-Artwork is the second of an ongoing series called DU™-GRNBRGR
A Cooperation of Detroit Underground and @christophgruenberger new book “Analog Algorithm – Source-Related Grid Systems”. Selected Graphics are used as Cover-Designs of this exclusive edition of DU™Tapes.